Art and Engineering Challenge

The Intersections of Art and Engineering Challenge is a contest designed for innovators, engineers, designers, and artists to create work that is expressive, challenging, and conceptual, yet simultaneously rigorous, practical, and empirical. We invite artists and engineers to think about the connections and chasms between art and engineering, and to explore how these connections will be applied in the next 50 years.

Entries are sought from various disciplines where there is a cross-fertilization among the domains of art, science, and technology. We hope to present an exhibition that will represent the latest innovative thinking from around the world. All mediums will be considered.

The Entrants will have a chance to win $40,000 in cash prizes and their work will be exhibited in 3 global locations including the USA, Italy, and China. Interdisciplinary team submissions are encouraged. The deadline to submit is July 7, 2014 (Late Deadline Extended to July 14th!). Register online.
Download Contest Guidelines

Contest Overview

First Place Global: $15,000 USD
Second Place Global: $10,000 USD
Third Place Global: $6,000 USD
USA First-Third Place: $1,000 USD
ITALY First-Third Place: $1,000 USD
CHINA First-Third Place: $1,000 USD

  • All mediums accepted
  • Global entries accepted
  • No age limit
  • No infringing on third party rights
  • Entrants must read,understand, and accept entry rules
  • Submitted work can have been exhibited previously

  • Biography
  • Title and Description of work
  • 1-5 digital images 1020 pixels x 1020 pixels
  • Digital files must include the artist’s last name, first initial, and country (lastname_firstname_country1.jpg)
  • For installations or interactive pieces, a video no more than 2 minutes depicting the art can be submitted. Please contact us for guidelines on submitting videos.
  • Complete entry form online

Midnight on July 7, 2014

  • Jury members will be arranged by Aavid.
  • Work will be judged based on originality, creativity, innovation, practicality, and relevance to the theme.

Every artist whose artwork is chosen for the traveling art exhibition will receive an email notification by July 11th. All other art competition participants will also receive an email notifying them that their artwork was not selected, along with the results of that art competition.

  • The work will be judged by those individuals that are attending the exhibition (customers, vendors, employees, etc.)
  • Works will be judged based on a scoring system of 3-5 different criteria, each with a point range of 1-5 points. Each judge will score each piece.
  • The scores from each location will be added at the end of the three site exhibitions for the global winners.
  • One regional winner will be chosen from each location based on the scores in each individual location.

3 Global Events

New Hampshire, USA
Sept 12-13, 2014

Bologna, Italy
Nov 21-22, 2014

Shenzhen, China
Jan 16-17, 2015