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Aavid Niagara is a leading supplier of custom thermal solutions for a diverse array of applications within the aerospace and defense industry. Thermal applications within the defense and aerospace markets are among the most challenging due to the extreme environmental conditions encountered. The balance of the size, weight and power requirements of electronic equipment in these fields pose even more challenges. Consideration of the thermal issues during the design phase is therefore paramount as custom solutions are usually required to meet the exacting demands of these market applications. We have the capability to offer unique thermal designs to solve this industry’s toughest cooling problems.

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    Oil Coolers, Condensers, Evaporators, Fuel Coolers, Radiators, Thermal Systems, Intercoolers, Aftercoolers, Electronics Cooling,Charge air coolers and Complete engine cooling systems

    Aavid Niagara is a global leader in designing and manufacturing single phase and two phase custom aircraft heat exchangers, including air to air heat exchangers, air to liquid heat exchangers, and liquid to liquid heat exchangers. Our compact systems are used in many military, commercial and general aviation aircraft, including split wing piston and jet aircraft, helicopters and system applications. We have manufactured heat transfer equipment for land vehicles and sea vehicles. Aavid Niagara's cooling systems are currently incorporated on thousands of marinized engines and generators installed on pleasure craft, ferries, military, work, and crew boats.

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