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GE Infusion LED

GE Infusion LED

The GE Infusion™ is a remarkably flexible LED lighting solution that is offered in a wide range of lumen packages that can meet varying lighting needs. The LED modules can be used in most applications and due to the combination of twist-fit/replacement and a common base design; the entire LED can be removed and upgraded in seconds. Additionally the GE Infusion ™ LED Module offers the assurance of quality, reliability and performance that is associated with GE products.

Download the Guide for GE Infusion LED Cooling Solutions

The SynJet® Guide for GE Infusion LED Modules. This guide cross references GE Infusion LED Modules to an appropriate thermal solution. The guides give three recommendations: best, quietest, and passive. The “Best” solution is the all around smallest active cooling solution with low acoustics. The “Quietest” solution is for noise sensitive applications. These solutions are often slightly larger than the “Best” but provide adequate cooling at very low acoustic levels. The “Passive” solutions are LED heatsinks only with no active cooling.

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Solutions for GE Infusion LED Modules:

If you do not see a solution that fits your needs, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to create the best thermal solution.

Twist Module LED Cooler 58W
118mm diameter
Max. Thermal Wattage: 58W
View Twist Module 58W LED Cooler
View Twist Module 58W LED Heatsink

Twist Module LED Cooler 43W
100mm diameter
Max. Thermal Wattage: 43W
View Twist Module 43W LED Cooler
View Twist Module 43W LED Heatsink

 GE Infusion