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Card Ejectors

Snap-on Ejectors / Pullers

  • Saves time - no roll pin required
  • Excellent for retrofit applications
  • Material is nylon per ASTM D4066-82PA162F11
  • Cost no more than conventional ejector/puller
  • Rated at 222.5N (50 lbs.) / ejector force per pair
  • One piece - no assembly required
  • May be heat stamped
Part Number: 5021N
RoHS Compliant

Part Number: 5022N
RoHS Compliant

Part Number: 5023N
RoHS Compliant

Standard Ejectors/Pullers

  • Lever action releases card from its connector safely and quickly
  • Cards, their components and connectors ate less frequently damaged when extracting PC boards
  • No special extraction tools are needed for board removal
  • Material is nylon per ASTM D4066-82 PA 120B4413F24, UL 94 V-O rated 9natural color)
  • Roll pins are provided (NAS 561-P3-4)
5003N Slim Face/Grip

5005-09NG Puller (roll pins not provided)


5005-08NG Puller


5005-25N Combination Ejector/Puller