European Extrusions

European Extrusions typically follow UNI 3879 regulations

Use our selector to pinpoint the right extrusion from the many profiles available.

Step 1

Choose a range for the width and height of extrusion
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Minimum Width

Maximum Width

Minimum Height

Maximum Height

Step 2

Choose your thermal data for a given length.
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°C/W Max * at length

Natural Convection
Forced Convection at LFM m/s

Step 3

Select one or more extrusion shapes
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flatback extrusion heatsink Flatback
extrusion heatsink Flatback w/Gap
extrusion enclosure heatsink Hollow and Enclosures
extrusion heatsink Double Sided
extrusion heatsink Angulated Fins
extrusion heatsink Max Clip
extrusion heatsink Miscellaneous

Step 4

Find your extrusion!
Please note that our extrusion profiles are rated by popularity and sorted into 3 part classifications.

*Thermal resistance is calculated based on distributed heat source. If you have concentrated loads, better ask to Aavid Thermalloy thermal Engineers for an accurate thermal simulation.