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All thermal graphs reflect black anodize finish unless otherwise noted.

Anodize is electrically isolating, Chromate is electrically conductive, and Dielectric coating prevents metal from contacting the circuit thus avoiding shorts.

Aavid offers the following finishes:

  1. Aluminum Finishes
  • Electrically Isolating
    • Black Anodize RoHS Compliant!
    • Pre Black Anodize RoHS Compliant!
    • Clear Anodize RoHS Compliant!
    • Hard Anodize RoHS Compliant!
    • Black Paint RoHS Compliant!
    • Colors available by special order
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Solderable Finishes
    • Electroless Nickel RoHS Compliant!
    • 100% Matte Tin RoHS Compliant!
    • Tin / Lead
  • Copper Finishes
      • AavSHIELD3CRoHS Compliant!
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      • Chromate
      • 100% Matte Tin RoHS Compliant!
      • Tin / Lead