Heat sink Accessories

Now available for purchase online

Thermal solutions go beyond the heat dissipator itself. Aavid offers a total solution package with the most complete line of value added options of any supplier in the industry. Our full line of accessories are sold separately and can be used with a variety of Aavid heat sinks.

Aavid Accessories

Standard Mounting Pads
Prevent heat damage during soldering. Facilitate board clean-up. Prevent solder bridges. Assure uniform device height.
Standard Clips
Standard Clips. Thermal Clips are factory applied only.
Card Ejectors
Excellent for retrofit applications. One piece. May be heat stamped.
Insulating Shoulder Washers
Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS and Nylon.
Stanchion Pads
Provides stable mount to resist shock and vibration damage to leads.
Mounting Kits
Pre-packaged in heat-sealed plastic bags. Variety of insulators to select from.
Alignment Pads
Factory applied or purchased separately. Provide cost effective solderability.