Thermalcote™ Thermal Grease

Thermalcote (Part #: 249, 250G, 251G, 252G, and 253G)

Thermalcote™ is a superior silicone-based thermal joint compound uniquely developed to increase heat transfer to all heat sinks. Thermalcote’s thermal conductivity is more than 15 times that of air and more than 4 times the conductivity of typical silicone-based greases. It is non-toxic and extremely stable; it neither cakes nor runs between -40°C to 204°C.

Avaliable sizes:
Thermalcote is avaliable in a 28 g (1 oz) and 57 g (2 oz) tube as well as a 0.45 kg (1 lb) can.

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Color Opaque White
Temperature Range
-40°C to 204°C (-40°F to 399°F).
0.765Wm-1°C-1 (0.442 Btu/hr ft °F
strength 1.27 mm gap(0.050" gap)
11.8 x 103volts/mm (300volts/mil)
Mineral Spirits
or Turpentine
Specific gravity 1.6
Evaporation, 24 hours@200°C (392°F), wt% 1
Shelf Life
Indefinite1 (unopened)
One Year (opened)

(1) It is recommended that the containers be turned over every 6 months to minimize settling for ease of mixing.

Ordering Information

Part No. RoHS PCN Net Weight
249 28 grams (1 oz) tube
250G 57 grams (2 oz) tube
251G .45Kg. (1 lb) can
252G 2.27Kg. (5 lbs) can
253G 4.54Kg. (10 lbs) can

Thermalcote™ II (discontinued)

Thermalcote™ II (349G,350G,351G has been discontinued
Thermalcote II has been discontinued. Please see our Sil-Free product line for a suitable replacement.
Part No. PCN
No longer available
No longer available
No longer available
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