Hard Anodized Aluminum

RoHS Compliant

A unique hardcoating process is employed which is optimized for diaelectric capabilities. This process yields a uniform 0.025mm (0.001") minimum coating, which is an integral part of the base aluminum insulation. The 0.51mm (0.020") thick aluminum provides adequate support for the anodized coating for maximum heat transfer and superior performance.

These durable hard anodized insulators have a high thermal conductance and a minimum breakdown voltage of 400 volts DC through two layers of hard anodized coating (per ASTM B110 test procedures).

Dimensional tolerances and hole diameters are ±25mm (0.010"), angularity is ±1", and flatness is 0.10mm (0.004"). Total Indicator Reading unless otherwise specified. All washers are 0.51mm (0.020") thick unless otherwise specified. The asterisk symbol (*) on the dimension drawing denotes racking location.

For TO-3

Part No. A B C D E
4726A 45.54

For TO-126, TO-220 Cases 77, 90 and 199

Part No. RoHS PCN