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Kon Dux

RoHS Compliant!
This item is factory applied only.

Kon-Dux interface pads are a cost-effective alternative to thermally conductive grease compounds. Aavid pre-applies Kon-Dux to your heat sink to enhance heat conductance from the semiconductor case and speed your manufacturing process. Kon-Dux pads are the equivalent of Softface™ for low-volume applications. This material is ideal for use with small, discrete semiconductors.

Kon Dux

To order, indicate the appropriate ordering code in the 8th position of the part number. The shape and hole pattern of the heat sink will determine the shape and hole pattern of the pad. If you are ordering a heat sink which mounts a semiconductor on both sides, the ordering code for two pads should be used.
8th position ordering codes
0 = No Pads
1 = One Kon-Dux Pad
2 = Two Kon-Dux Pads

Color Black (Metallic)
0.005 inch
(0.13 mm)
0.08 °C-in2/W
15 x 10-6 Ohms
Compression Strength:
for 10% reduction in thickness
580 psi
Tensile Strength 650 psi
Ultimate Compression
12500 psi
Service Temperature -240°C to +300°C
Liner None

Grafoil® Conducta-Pad

RoHS Compliant!

Grafoil® is a non-insulating material which reduces interface thermal resistance in a bare joint application. A dry material, basically a graphite compound, Grafoil® was originally developed for high temperature gasketing applications and is covered by U.S. Patent 3,404,061 granted to Union Carbide. Basic shapes in stock are designed to accomodate TO-3,TO-218,TO-220, and Multiwatt case styles.Grafoil® is factory applied to the heat sink and is available on all stamped and extruded models.

Ordering Information

Suffix Device Figure "A" Dim "B" Dim "C" Dim "D" Dim "E" Dim "F" Dim
G1 TO-3 A
G4 TO-218 B 19.30 (0.760) 4.83 (0.190) 7.87 (0.310) 15.75 (0.620) 3.81 (0.150) 0.13 (0.005)
G5 TO-220 B 16.51 (0.650) 3.43 (0.135) 5.33 (0.210) 10.67 (0.420) 3.43 (0.135) 0.13 (0.005)
G7 Multiwatt B 17.53 (0.690) 2.92 (0.115) 10.03 (0.395) 20.07 (0.790) 3.81 (0.150) 0.13 (0.005)
Note: Tolerances +/- 0.25mm (0.010") unless otherwise specified.
Grafoil® is a registered trademark of GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
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