Cooling Solutions for Notebook Assemblies

Notebook computers present unique thermal challenges, and heat sinks from Aavid Thermalloy can provide complete solutions to meet these challenges. Selection can be made from off-the-shelf components, custom designed parts, or any combination of these.

Design Considerations and Rapid Prototyping
Aavid Thermalloy has worked with numerous notebook suppliers to create successful thermal solutions for popular notebook designs. Each design is a multicomponent solution adapted specifically for the notebook in question, whether it is for a low power or high-end notebook. By working side-by-side with your design team, we can help you meet your deadlines and beat your competition.

Technologies Used in Solutions
Use the most efficient heat sink design in combination with thermally conductive interface materials and heat pipes to achieve the ultimate thermal network for your notebook computer design.

Designing a Solution with Aavid Thermalloy
Work with Aavid Thermalloy's cooling experts to design a cooling solution ideally tailored to your application. One major advantage is our ability to combine multiple components into a single solution, where we control both the performance and the specification of the component to meet or exceed the overall assembly performance specification.