Extended Surface & Micro Channel Technology

For High Power Cooling

Micro Channel
Custom Micro Channel for CPU

Extended Surface & Micro Channel Cold Plates provide the superior performance of traditional liquid cooling in a much smaller footprint by forcing fluid through a network of miniature passageways in a cold plate mounted directly to a heat source. These compact, active solutions are suitable for high performance microprocessors and other high heat flux density applications including IGBT modules. The major advantage of micro channel heat sinks is the high heat transfer coefficients, up to 60 times higher than conventional heat exchangers. Micro channel heat sink technology will have a major impact on the future of electronic packaging and design.

Why Use Extended Surface & Micro Channel Cold Plates?
  • Highest performance, lowest pressure drop
  • Innovative technology
  • Leaders in design and manufacturing
  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • Advanced thermal modeling and testing capabilities