High Fin Density Heat Sinks

For High Power Cooling

Folded and zipper fin heatsinks
Folded & Zipper Fin
augmented and bonded fin heatsinks
Bonded & Aug Fin
high aspect ratio extrusion profiles

High Aspect
brazed fin heat sinks

Brazed Fin

High Fin Density Heat Sinks provide increased efficiency for high power applications under forced convection by creating greater volumetric surface area and are classified into two types: High Aspect Ratio Extrusions and Fabricated Fin Assemblies. Although both types offer considerable performance gains over standard extrusions, Fabricated Fin Assemblies are constructed from a base and have independent fins, which allow greater aspect ratios1 than current extrusion processes. These heat sinks can be assembled using a variety of fin types such as stamped, folded, or zipper which are attached to a base using epoxy bonding, swaging, brazing, or soldering.

Why Use Aavid High Fin Density Heat Sinks?
  • Overcome high heat flux in space constrained areas
  • Standard and custom offerings available
  • Engineering expertise to design the most economic solutions
  • Broad range of fin designs to match thermal requirements
  • Expertise in copper and aluminum joining technologies