Liquid Cold Plates

For High Power Cooling

Hi-Contact™ IGBT
Brazed Blister
Extruded Channel
Complex Custom

Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sinks provide the best thermal performance per unit volume and counter nearly every drawback associated with air cooling by dissipating more heat with considerably less flow volume, better temperature consistency, and less local acoustic noise. Cold plates take advantage of the increased thermal conduction properties of liquid by actively circulating fluids past a heat source through a closed loop system. These liquid passageways are formed by sealing machined channels or adding copper or other tubing to a metal base plate.

Why Use Aavid Liquid Cold Plates?
  • Most compact and efficient cooling method available
  • Hi-Contact™ process improves thermal transfer
  • Quiet, reliable and leak free
  • Compatible with water, glycol, or other cooling fluids
  • Standard models and custom designs available