Heat Sink Selection Guide
Heatsink technology selector graph

Thermal Interface Materials, High Pressure Die Casting and High Density Die Casting vary in thermal efficiency and power based upon application


Aavid Thermalloy has the world’s largest breadth of available thermal solutions, technologies and services that can be used or adapted for any application in any industry. Our products are built to your requirements and allow you to surpass your competition in power, speed and performance. Our design engineers understand that Aavid products must integrate well with each other as well as your design objectives.

thermal solutions

Our Thermal Engineers solve cooling challenges ranging from networking, telecom and consumer electronics, to power and biomedical devices. Utilizing the latest CFD/FEA and experimental techniques we can:

  • Perform conjugate analyses with conduction, convection and radiation
  • Optimize venting and fan placement
  • Increase power density
  • Reduce noise, cost and size
  • Increase MTBF

Dedicated thermal engineers characterize a system and provide the most advanced and effective cooling solutions, saving thousands in engineering resources, thermal modeling software, and test hardware. From concept to production, Aavid can support your design anywhere in the world.