Stamped Heat Sink Solutions

For low power board level cooling

Stamped Heat Sinks for SMT Power Semiconductors
SMT Power Semiconductors
Stamped Heat Sinks for Thru-Hole Power Semiconductors
Thru-Hole Power Semiconductors
Stamped Heat Sinks for Dual Inline Packages
Dual Inline Packages
Stamped Heat Sinks for Axial Lead Components
Axial Lead Components

Stamped Heat Sinks provide an economical solution to low power density thermal problems in natural convection environments. Produced using high volume manufacturing techniques to ensure the lowest cost, copper or aluminum sheet metal is stamped into a desired shape. Attachment features and interface materials can easily be added during the manufacturing process, simplifying the bill of materials and ultimately reducing assembly costs.

Why Use Aavid Stamped Heat Sinks?

  • Lowest cost thermal solutions
  • Ideal for Printed Circuit Boards with tight component spacing
  • Readily available from Aavid and its authorized distributors
  • Variety of attachment methods and accessories to simplify assembly and reduce cost
  • Several surface finishes to enhance durability and cooling efficiency