Thermal Case Studies

The Aavid Design team integrates many fields of design, including industrial, mechanical, thermal and electrical, to ensure a client’s successful product concept development to market launch. Aavid has serviced its client’s design needs for 20+ years while exceeding expectations and growing global partnerships. All Aavid's clients are unique in their size, capability, and industry. Aavid Design engineers have vast experience in design in multiple industries. Click on an image below to view some of our recent case studies in industries such as Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Medical, Lighting, Transportation, Energy, and Power.

high power heat pipes drive traction cooling
array-telepresence medtronic solar-car wearable
thin-client wireless-access heat-exchange data-center
heat pipe liquid-cooling codec codec
heat pipe liquid-cooling lytro camera lytro camera
Automotive Radiator case-study01 case-study02 Mini Computer
Automotive Radiator Consumer Lighting Outdoor Radio case-study08
case-study09 case-study10 case-study11 Rack- Mount Equip