Aavid Thermalloy's RoHS Initiative

Aavid Thermalloy is committed to improving our environment through active management of the substances contained in our products. We believe it is good business to use materials in our products that help protect our environment, and we will work with our customers to comply with RoHS, REACH and similar regulations.

The majority of Aavid Thermalloy's standard products are RoHS-compliant but we do offer some products with solder containing lead for our customers who require it for high reliability applications. For this reason, we do not provide "blanket" RoHS certification of our standard products. If you have an interest in a product not marked as RoHS-compliant on our web site, please inquire with Aavid Thermalloy Sales about availability of the compliant version.

Because they do not emit substances in normal use, most of our products are considered "articles" as defined by REACH. As such, they are not subject to the registration requirements of REACH. Some products, such as thermal greases and epoxies, are "preparations" under REACH and the substances used in them have been pre-registered where required.

We understand that documentation of RoHS and REACH status is a necessary part of product approval for many of our customers. Our policy is to provide certificates of compliance for our standard products. For our custom products, we will do our best to provide documentation in the format requested by the customer. Requests requiring disproportionate resources are subject to review and may require a fee.